Concept Paints 2K Satin Clear Kit 6lt (2:1). Automotive Paint


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Star New Century SGC4000 Gravity Fed Spraygun. 2.0mm Setup. Spray Painting.


Star New Century General Series gravity gun featuring a compact lightweight design with a low atomising pressure to minimise overspray.


Suitable For: Acrylic Lacquer, Primer Filler, Industrial Enamel, House Paints And Metallics.

Stainless Steel Needle & Nozzle

New Compact Ergonomic Design Dust Free Air Cap




Pot 0.6ml
Fluid Tip: 2.0mm
Atomising Pressure: 35 Psi
Air Consumption: 255-425 L/Min
Pattern Width: 260-330mm2
Minimum Air Compressor Needed: 12 Cfm

Comes with the pot.


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